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PRO-Active approach to Neurorehabilitation integrating air splints* and other therapy tools
(* Urias® Johnstone air splints)
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User Guide

cover User Guide

Download for free our latest version of the PANat User Guide.
We show you the correct application of the most frequently used Urias® Johnstone air splints.

We also included a short version of the theoretical background of PANat.

Theoretical framework and clinical management of PANat

Keywords: PRO-Active, Hemiplegie, repetitive, Johnstone air splints, self-directed training, low motor recovery


This document gives an overview of the theoretical framework and clinical management of PANat.
PANat is a further development of the Johnstone concept. (Margaret Johnstone, FCSP 1919-2006)


Recommended book

cover book Neuroreha

This book was published by Thieme and is written in German.
The authors are Martin Huber, Christina Janssen, Florian Erzer L├╝scher and Gail Andrea Cox Steck.
The topic, motor learning, forms a very important basis for our therapeutic approach.

Video zone

How to apply the following Johnstone air splints:

  • Long Arm air splint (single chamber)
  • Leg air splint (double chamber)
  • Half arm air splint (single chamber)
  • Foot air splint (double chamber)
  • Hand air splint (double chamber)
  • Elbow air splint (single chamber)
  • Finger air splint (single chamber)
  • Leg and Foot air splint for MS - PART 1
  • Leg and Foot air splint for MS - PART 2

A peek behind the scenes

Celebration Vibeke

Celebration time!
Because, as from 12 November 2023, Vibeke Funch Madsen has met the requirements for becoming officially a PANat assistant teacher. She has accomplished and assisted already on the advance course in Allensbach (DE).

Vibeke in action

Vibeke was "discovered" by Birgitte Gammeltoft, retired PANat teacher, and introduced to the group of PANat teachers as a candidate. After being accepted as a trainee, she attended several courses and continuing education with her mentors Franziska Wälder and Gail Cox Steck.
We are very happy to now have 2 assistants in our midst. Together with Tiziana Sägesser, Vibeke rejuvenates our team. They make the future of PANat looks bright.

Tiziana and Vibeke