Logo PANat
PRO-Active approach to Neurorehabilitation integrating air splints* and other therapy tools
(* Urias® Johnstone air splints)

Mission Statement of the PANat teacher group

The PANat teacher group is a group of physiotherapists and occupational therapists with a special interest in evidence based neurorehabilitation (mainly for stroke patients), initially inspired by Margaret Johnstone

  • We want the PANat teacher group to be a group of team players acting as a sounding board for its members,
    • with principles of integrity
    • with open mindness
    • with holistic thinking (level of the individuals in the group)
  • We want PANat to be known as a proactive and ongoing approach, where prevention is just as important as the therapy itself (level of the theoretical foundation)
  • We want PANat to be an entrance door to neurorehabilitation for patients and carers
  • We use the air splints and other low-tech therapy tools to give patients the opportunity to be active in an ongoing rehabilitation process in their environment. (level of practice)
  • We are conscientious in all our publications and presentations (level of communication to the outside world)