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PRO-Active approach to Neurorehabilitation integrating air splints* and other therapy tools
(* Urias® Johnstone air splints)
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Download for free our latest version of the PANat User Guide.
We show you the correct application of the most frequently used Urias® Johnstone air splints.

We also included a short version of the theoretical background of PANat.

Theoretical framework and clinical management of PANat

Keywords: PRO-Active, Hemiplegie, repetitive, Johnstone air splints, self-directed training, low motor recovery


This document gives an overview of the theoretical framework and clinical management of PANat.
PANat is a further development of the Johnstone concept. (Margaret Johnstone, FCSP 1919-2006)


Video zone

How to apply the following Johnstone air splints:

  • Leg air splint (double chamber)
  • Half arm air splint (single chamber)
  • Foot air splint (double chamber)
  • Hand air splint (double chamber)
  • Elbow air splint (single chamber)
  • Finger air splint (single chamber)
  • Leg and Foot air splint for MS - PART 1
  • Leg and Foot air splint for MS - PART 2